Book Review: The Treasure Principle

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn has the honour of being the 50th book I’ve reviewed here on this blog (that’s about one every 10 days or so) and it turns out to be a favourite.

I’m always slightly worried before reading books on giving by American pastors. I have a fear that by the end I’ll be reading some prosperity nonsense, fortunately in this case the fear is completely unfounded. Randy Alcorn understands giving, he loves giving, he wants more people to give much, much more. The guy seriously gets generosity.

This is only a small book, pocket sized and 120 pages, it won’t take long to read but if you take it seriously you’ll be working it out for a lifetime. This book packs a punch. I will recommend it to my church but I’m also thinking of buying every household a copy. We need to get it. Anyway, you may have gathered by now that I quite like this book. Here’s what he says:

The Treasure Principle is a simple paraphrase of Jesus. So ‘store up for yourself treasures in heaven’ becomes ‘You can’t take it with you – but you can send it on ahead.’ When you die everything is left behind except what you used to invest in heaven. He then gives six keys to unlocking the treasure principle, each one memorable, clearly explained and joyfully applied. I thought most of the examples worked here in the UK because it stuck to biblical principles and the application was well thought out.

If you or your church are caught up in materialism then buy this book and have fun living it out. Highly recommended!

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