Book Review: Stepping into the Impossible

Stepping into the Impossible: The Story of Healing on the StreetsStepping into the Impossible: The Story of Healing on the Streets by Mark Marx
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Mark Marx has pioneered a remarkably simple model called Healing on the Streets (HOTS) for taking the church onto the streets. Simply show up consistently in your town and inviting people who need some form of healing to receive prayer. This book will challenge the sceptic and the cynic because it’s full of remarkable healing stories. At the same time it’s remarkably down to earth which is a rare combination.

Stepping into the Impossible is Mark’s own personal journey so far, his testimony of how God has led him each step of the way. Mark is honest about his mistakes and struggles, the victories and the disappointments and it’s all told with the same quiet manner you hear when you listen to him speak.

It could have done with a little tighter editing and there are a few places where the stories and jargon are a little bit chariswhacky. It’s also a little light on the Biblical explanation and basis here and there but this is not a teaching book. Instead it’s an invitation to ‘come and see’ – the reader is invited not to compare theologies but to meet sick people who need healing and say ‘OK let’s pray.’

It’s founded on the conviction that the gift of healing is situational and not possessive (although I think it’s probably both) and therefore anyone can pray for the physical healing of someone who is sick and God can heal that person.

The second conviction is that the ordinary believer has authority in Christ to command sickness to leave, so participants are encouraged to command sickness to leave rather than ask God for healing. But prayer is not shouted or endlessly repeated but simply and quietly stated. It’s this combination of quiet authority that makes HOTS a different model of healing that many may have encountered before. The method is simple, the dramatics are banished, and the instruction to pray with faith and authority very simple and straightforward.

As a result the book is both faith challenging and faith building. I’ve been out myself with HOTS in a suburb of Stockholm and there’s something good in just making available to people the love of God and His people to men and women who are so unlikely to visit your church but need a touch with God.

It’s strengths are its vulnerability, its compassion for people and the determination to pursue God no matter what. I found it a stirring, challenging and encouraging read.

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