Book Review: Preaching Christ

preaching christPreaching Christ by Edgar Andrews is a classic example of not judging a book by its cover, or for that matter its layout and design inside the cover because those, like the cover, are terrible. I almost didn’t read this book, I just assumed it would be awful, so bad is the production on this book. No small miracle then, that this is actually a very useful little book.

Edgar Andrews is better known as an international expert in molecules and author of Who Made God? and once I made that connection I began to sit up and pay a bit more attention.

His conviction is made clear by the title that the ‘only preaching that really counts is that which centres on the Person, work and glory of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God’ (p.5). He then unpacks what he means by preaching, what it means to preach Christ and that Christ can and should be preached from the Old Testament, the New Testament, to unbelievers and believers alike and basically every time you preach.

We preach the atonement, God’s grace, the unsearchable riches in Christ, repentance and faith (in Christ) and everything that is the full counsel of God, but at the heart of all if it is not linked to Christ is likely to slip into moralism and empty religion. I found much encouragement here and a useful reminder that too much preaching can talk about Christianity but not Christ and I very much enjoyed reading this simple direct and helpful call to, whatever else I do, preach Christ.

The book began life as a series of articles in the Evangelical Times and so each chapter is short and easily read but contains much treasure. The whole book itself is only 80 pages long but if you were looking for something to get you started on the road to Christ centred preaching then this would be an excellent place to start, just don’t be put off by the cover.

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