Book Review: FB Meyer

I’d never heard of FB Meyer before but a friend lent me this book and I’m glad he did.Bob Holman’s biography of this 19th and 20th century church leader is inspirational.

If you live in London you should read it because it forms part of the Christian history and heritage of your city (same goes for Liverpool, Leicester and York). If you are interested in big churches then read this because Meyer’s at Christ Church London grew to over 2000. If you are interested in social action, social justice and Christians caring for the poor then Meyer led all his churches into this field. If it’s Keswick, evangelism, Dwight Moody, political involvement or baptism in the Holy Spirit then read this book.

You wonder how he managed it all but he did and the reward for him will be great. An inspirational character that deserves a wider and greater appreciation in our times.

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