Book Review: A Piano in the Pyrenees

pyreneesI’ve been meaning to review this one for a couple of weeks now. Tony Hawks has made the most of his varied career as an entertainer it seems from writing about it. I’ve certainly laughed now through three of them.

Hawks specialises in weird travel, after all Round Ireland with a Fridge, & Playing the Moldovans at Tennis, are hardly standard travel fare. This is life at is creative, unplanned and slightly chaotic edge.

In this case Hawks buys on a house in the south of France following a conversation about his purpose in life while down the pub with some of his middle-aged mates. It turns out neither to be a disaster nor especially dramatic but mildly amusing in the way you might expect when you get a clash of cultures and a bloke whose idea of planning is to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s not as laugh out loud funny as Round Ireland with a Fridge (His attempts at buying a van is funny though). It gets a bit maudlin towards the end as Hawks finds love, but its entertaining and amusing, with a nice line in self-deprecation and a comics view on life, love and the French. Worth a read if you’re on holiday, especially if you’re in France and you don’t want your brain to have to make much effort on anything.

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