Black Gold

For many people who care about issues of injustice in the world and how this connects with lifestyle, long ago settled the issue of what sort of coffee to buy. The only allowable answer is Fair trade coffee.

However despite the remarkable growth of fair trade coffee (and other products) the debate is not yet won and many more need convincing. Black Gold seeks to add another weapon to the arsenal and so if you can see it. It’s not out in Shrewsbury until July but I’ll try and get my whole church to go…let’s not miss the chance.

Here’s a taster

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One Thought to “Black Gold”

  1. Phil Smith

    I can’t wait to see it. The downside is I’ve got to go to london to do so.
    look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.
    I find it funny that Starbucks have come out as the bad guys. in fact i think it’s a bit of a shame i fear the film will make people think more about what they buy when they go out for a coffee but will not point the finger at the nescafe in their cupboard. anyway, i’ll wait and see!

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