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Tim Challies has a great post on technology and mobile phones in particular based off the new Windows 7 for phones ad. Read the whole thing


“Microsoft is acknowledging in their advertising that we depend upon our phones and that these phones call us to depend upon them. The slave has become the master; we’ve become tools of our tools.”


“On the one hand we have become dependent upon our mobile phones. After all, they bring us great benefits. We are not ready to give them up. But on the other hand, we must honestly face the truth that these devices are prone to draw us away from the important things in life…including the people who are closest to us.”


“The only solution I know of is to be very disciplined in our use of such technology, to be willing to carve times in which the phone is set aside so we can focus on what truly matters most.”

Read the whole thing


Brilliant article – really thought provoking (and the ad is funny!)

I think your final “whole thing” link is broken – http twice.

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