An Editor’s Top Tips for (non-fiction) Writers

It’s summer and I’m not posting at whatever my usual schedule is, but instead have a post a day to pique your interest. I’m going to attempt a blogging revival from September.

This is from the always excellent Jennie Pollock and I say a huge Amen to every single thing.

I love my job. I really enjoy helping writers take their ideas and make the communication of them the best it can be. It’s educational (I learn about all kinds of topics) and stimulating (I’m often having to think quite deeply about those topics, especially when trying to work out if I understand the author’s arguments), and lots of fun as we discuss the ideas and examples back and forth and tease them into their most helpful form.

Yet there are a few common errors which crop up time and time again which cause headaches for me, cost for you or your publisher, and general stress as we try to get all the work done in time for the deadline. If you can get these right in the first draft, the whole process will be much quicker, smoother and more pleasant:

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