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A Conversation with Ronald J. Sider

Ronald Sider through his writings and particularly Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger has been one of the most formative authors for me. I think, that after the Bible, that’s the one book I’ve given away almost more than any other. Reading Sider and Jim Wallis (although Wallis has moved further on some scriptural issues since then) convinced me that caring for the poor was an integral part of what it meant to be an evangelical Christian. It was integral because of the high commitment to follow Jesus and obey his teachings.

I’m not saying that caring for the poor is the gospel but that I couldn’t claim to be an evangelical Christian if in my life I didn’t take into account the poor (both in the church and in the world). It was a matter of, if you like, gospel integrity. So he asks, and it’s the right question, ‘Do we really mean that Jesus is our Lord?’

So have a listen to this 80 year old saint in conversation with Russell Moore.

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