What I watched in February 2018

I’m tracking my screen consumption in 2018 to help me learn and see what I’m doing with my time. Here are some of the films and TV shows I watched in February.

I actually watched more movies in February but that includes several more kids movies. So as a family we enjoyed The Emperor’s New GrooveNanny McPheeBabe, The BFG and Tangled. The BFG is a favourite and has been watched several times but of the new films for us I think we enjoyed Babe the most.

The Sentinel and The Cold Light of Day were enjoyable but forgettable action movies. My favourite action movie was actually Kong: Skull Island which I enjoyed immensely.

Glory Road is a very earnest film about racism and sports based on a true story. It played it by numbers a bit too much.  Seven Pounds had an interesting premise about a man’s search for redemption but it also showed how guilt can crush you.


We did however watch less TV in February.  Nature documentaries claimed top spot in February with Life from the BBC. We also watched some of Secrets of the Earth and 72 dangerous animals: Australia.  In March we’re going to watch Blue Planet 2

We also consumed some episodes of Brooklyn 99Scorpion and Elementary. 


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