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In my church, it's unimaginable to have meetings and not sing. In the NT church, it was unimaginable to have meetings and not break bread. — Andrew Wilson (@AJWTheology) February 27, 2013

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The water of life is not for sale

If you can buy or sell it, it’s not the water of life. “To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.” — Miroslav Volf (@MiroslavVolf) April 28, 2013

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God hates visionary dreaming

God hates visionary dreaming; it makes the dreamer proud and pretentious. The man who fashions a visionary ideal of community demands that it be realized by God, by others, and by himself. He enters the community of Christians with his demands, sets up his own

Count Zinzendorf & being bi-vocational

Zinzendorf, on missions. “Live humbly among the heathens. Never lord over them. Work diligently with your hands for your own support.” — Jon Tyson (@JonTyson) April 19, 2014 Any other quotes like this that support the idea of the bi-vocational leader? Photo by fhwrdh