The reward of kindness

On Christmas Day, with some kind friends from around the churches in town, we hosted a Christmas dinner for people who would for a variety of reasons be on their own. In the end there were about 100 of us from aged 1 to 96! Today I received this kind letter. It’s ample reward for a day I thoroughly enjoyed, celebrating the birth of Christ (in what is for me a more appropriate manner). Here’s the main body of the letter:

“I felt I wanted to write and say many thanks to you and Soul Purpose and to other kind friends who helped to arrange such a Happy Christmas Day.I’ve had ninety-six Christmas’ and the one Soul Purpose invited me to was one of the best I wasn’t looking forward this year to Christmas without my dear husband but you helped to take some of the sadness away. I thank you all for giving me a happy joyful time to share with others and for the hard work and hours of preparation to give so many lonely folk such a great time. A Happy New Year to you all. God Bless”

I nearly cried.

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