The resurrection of Jesus (links)

There are several posts here all dealing with the historical evidence for the resurrection and inevitably they cover similar ground but also with slightly different contributions.

But before I share all of that one extract stood out to me from Scot McKnight 

I know all of that, I said. I know all of the alternative suggestions and reasons given by some why the resurrection couldn’t have happened. I know about the confusion of the gospel accounts. I know all of that and yet, I’ve come to the conclusion that Christ was indeed raised from the dead and conquered death in the process. I believe Jesus is alive now and able to bring life from death through the Spirit of God.
You can’t stand up on Easter Sunday morning and preach, “Maybe…” You have to be able to declare, “He’s alive!” with every fiber of your being. If you can’t do that, then don’t preach. Don’t preach on Easter or any other Sunday for that matter.
Easter matters.
Easter matters because if Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead, if Jesus is still dead then He can’t help and we need His help. We desperately need His help…
…because we’re all dying. In big ways and little ways, but dying just the same. That’s why all of love the ending of Romans 7. Is there anyone who can help us? Right here? Right now?
It’s not just Easter that’s at stake. It’s every day.

The Evidence

The Significance

The Theology

If you’ve read any particularly good pieces on the Resurrection or stand out sermons, do me a favour and share!

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