The plague spreads

No, not coronavirus. The plague of locusts. I wrote about this 11th March (referenced a story from January), 28th March and 11th April and here we are at the end of May and the situation continues to devastate rural farming communities in Africa, Yemen and now India. See that little fella in the picture on this post? Multiply him (or here) by tens of billions and suddenly the problem is dramatic. When a swarm flies past it blots out the sun.

How’s this for a scary sentence:

Soon, it’s predicted, we will see individual swarms equivalent to the size of London, each of which consumes as much food as half the population of the United Kingdom on a daily basis.

Remember this is happening to some of the poorest people in the world who survive by what they grow and can sell. A failed harvest is devastating and puts millions of lives at risk. The fact that the world is dealing with the coronavirus just makes the situation harder.

Be aware because there will be nations and communities that will need you to step up to press your government to help.

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