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Back in June I talked about the church merger and the process we used to choose a new name for the church. I deliberately didn’t mention the name. But it’s about time I did. Hope Church.

So there you go. It’s not original but that wasn’t one of the criteria so I’m not bothered about that. There are plenty of Hope Churches in the nation but none in our town. It’s unique where it matters most, in our local area.

Hope more than adequately expresses the call of God on us as a local church. Through our Kids Club we bring hope to children, through our youth work hope to teenagers, through our social enterprises hope to the unemployed, through events like Soul Purpose we bring hope to the community, through beach trips we bring hope to families. Most importantly through initiatives like Alpha and our Sunday services we seek to bring hope for forgiveness of sins, freedom from guilt and shame, hope for the present and hope for eternal life to all who will listen.

Hope not only says something about what we’re about but it’s a word that makes sense to people even if they live (as many do in our area) without it. Hope Church gives expression to our expanding vision and growing church over the coming years.

It’s also a lot shorter than North Shrewsbury Community Church.

To go along with such things a new website is being constructed, and events are being planned and all that sort of thing to launch Hope Church. In the meantime we’ve had a play with some logo ideas. These aren’t final and I’m not telling you yet which one we’ve chosen, but I’d be interested to know which one you like or not.

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5 Thoughts to “The new name”

  1. Nice.
    I’d go with the first logo ahead of the 2nd. The 3rd looks a bit static, and while the 4th/5th have something of the newfrontiers swirl they look a bit messy…

  2. Top 2 are good, 3rd is ok, bottom 2 are a bit odd.

    I prefer the font of the 2nd and the logo of the first!

    Hope church is a good name. Simple, clear, unpretentious but also has some good meaning that both churched and unchurched will understand.

  3. Jane Strouts

    I like the first one. All are good, except, in my opinion, the the one with the yellow swirls. Love the name!

  4. New to your blog and appreciate it. Good name for the church – I also prefer the first logo and, like Tim, prefer the font on the second.

  5. I like 1st and 5th best, but as others have said, the font used on 2 and 3 is nicer

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