The need for patient disciplemaking

Discipleship is something that can begin rapidly but lasts for a lifetime. Logan Gentry rightly reminds us that discipleship is an ongoing process that requires patience.

Discipleship has often been viewed as an up-and-to-the-right straight process of successful growth, but discipleship is way messier than that, involves setbacks, patience, and a belief in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to overcome every sin, struggle, and trial.

In order to get this we need to see discipleship as a process that over time sees change in three areas:

Our affections

Each day our actions reveal a depth of desire that needs to find its spring in Jesus and no longer in our self.

Our thoughts

The challenge from the scriptures is to take every thought captive and conform it to Christ, but we are typically too lazy and prideful for this activity.

Our behaviour

I’ve seen no one change their behaviour for a long period of time without their loves and thoughts changing first…But we also can’t shy away from calling people to change in their behaviour to be like Jesus. Our behaviour reveals our thoughts and our affections, allowing us to address the full breadth of conformity to Jesus.

Discipleship is fundamentally a surrender to the Lordship of Christ and that must end up affecting every part of our lives.

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