The Curiosity Index (Sweden edition)

Here are a collection of recent articles that illustrate quite well the strengths and weaknesses of the beautiful country of Sweden.

The Environment

Sweden has a great environment but there’s always more that could be done. So Green Swedes shun holiday flights for lure of the train and in a development I’m a big personal fan of Why Sweden Wants to Revive Europe’s Night Trains

The wrong sort of equality

Sweden prides itself on being an equal society or at least leading the way to becoming one. This may not be what they had in mind. Sweden female gambling addicts outnumber men for first time


Sweden has become something of a by-word for immigration out of control (although I don’t think that’s true) but there’s no question that the high levels of immigration are changing the country and will change it more still (just no one knows how). So how are immigrants and refugees in Sweden doing? The answer is roughly as you’d expect – some are doing well and others not so much.

However the process of getting asylum in Sweden is tricky and the authorities are often in the spotlight for stupid looking decisions. Recently for their apparent inability to realise that if a Muslim becomes a Christian in many countries that is a death sentence: How Sweden condemns Christians to their death 


Mean age at first marriage in Sweden (1871-2017) [OC] from r/dataisbeautiful

A few things that I noticed. The relatively high age of first marriage in 1870 – I think I would have guessed it several years younger. The consistent pattern of Swedish women preferring older men and the very unsurprising opposite. It’s also powerful visual proof that a cultural trend started in the mid-1960s that hasn’t stopped yet. Basically it became socially acceptable to live together without getting married, so it pinpoints fairly clearly the decline of the church’s influence over relational habits.


Seeing the Vasa is on most tourist’s to-do list when they visit Stockholm and rightly so. Here’s the story of Finding the ship lost for more than 300 years

And this one is a favourite: The thrilling mission to get the Swedes to change overnight. It can be done!

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