The Curiosity Index (26.06.2017)

Habits vs Goals

This excellent article explains why habits (good or bad) are more powerful than goals (good or bad).

5 Questions Every Church Planter Needs to Ask

Personally I’d have put question number four first but they’re all good questions.

What if unbelievers aren’t miserable?

I think a lot of evangelistic preaching makes this mistake.

Does the NT contradict itself? Does it matter?

Ian Paul explains why it does matter and why he doesn’t think it does contradict itself.

I don’t think it is then possible to conclude that in matters of faith the Bible is trustworthy, but in the matter of facts it is, well, a little bit hit and miss. The NT documents do not separate faith and facts in this kind of way.

12 Houses Built Around Swimming Pools

I don’t need to say anything for you to click this link right?

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