The Curiosity Index (25.07.2018)

‘The only way out is through Jesus’

Well worth 12 minutes of your time. Powerful stuff.

The European Heat Wave Is Brutal

It really is but I’m also quite enjoying it but that’s not true for everyone.

The average July high in Stockholm, for example, is usually 74 degrees Fahrenheit; this week, temperatures will crest 90, and there are 21 wildfires currently blazing across Sweden during its worst drought in 74 years. Some municipalities have resorted to sending leaflets to older residents to give them tips on how to manage the heat. Hospitals are shipping in otherwise rarely needed air conditioning units.

Salt Licorice Ice Cream

It is honestly one of the summer food abominations of this part of the world. This article blames the Finns but the Swedes are equally guilty.

Archipelago Summer House

This on the other hand, is a great example of where to spend a hot Swedish summer.

Winners of 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year competition

Brilliant stuff. HT: Kottke 

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