The Curiosity Index (20.09.2018)

Could God Forgive Even A “Deluded Monster” Like Rose West?

John Stevens puts the scandal of the Gospel to the test against a mass murderer seeking forgiveness.

The good news of the gospel is that forgiveness is available even for the worst of sinners. This is the utter scandal of the Christian faith, and why it is so completely different from all other religions. Far from being “not a god that I would understand,” a god who could forgive even the sins of Rose West is exactly the God the Bible proclaims, and the God who is made know and revealed by Jesus Christ.

Sally Lloyd-Jones on How to Find Jesus in the Old Testament

I really got that wrong

 John Hosier admits his mistake: “It stuck with me; did I really want someone in the church who from my perspective seemed demanding because he was autistic?”

A Call for Protestants Everywhere to Take “Marriage” Back from the State

This, I think, from Roger Olsen is interesting. 

It seems to me that over the years conservative, biblically-committed Protestants (I’m avoiding the word “evangelical” for now because of the baggage it carries in the current political scene in America) have by and large granted the secular state (courts, local councils, legislators, etc.) the right and power to decide even for us what constitutes marriage and what constitutes divorce.

And that, he argues, is a problem.

Marathon March

Someone I know took part this year in this absolute madness.

How traveling abroad with kids showed me how to fix U.S. transit

An American family discovers the quality of public transport in Sweden. Although I’m not sure the escalators are as reliable as she thinks.

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