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What the Bible really says about government

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry writes:

The Bible is a tricky text to interpret. Some people think this is because it’s a grab bag of various texts from many centuries; you can make that argument, but there’s no important text from human history that is straightforward to interpret, probably because otherwise, people wouldn’t find them so interesting, and they wouldn’t tell us interesting things about this messy reality we inhabit. The Bible is unclear, but so are Plato’s dialogues, Shakespeare’s plays, and the Constitution of the United States.

Middle Eastern womens conference report

I think you’ll be encouraged as I was by this report from the Middle East:

The thing that really blew me away, however, was the spiritual groundwork that the leaders laid for this event. They created a prayer and fasting chain where each woman committed to pray and fast for 1 week. To ensure that there wouldn’t be gaps in the prayer, accounting for the busy lives women have, they made sure 3 women were signed up to fast and pray every week specifically for the gathering… FOR 35 WEEKS! Continuous prayer and fasting from September to May for these three days. WOW.

What the Amish and the Shakers can teach us about demographics

How about this line:

Apparently smartphones and vaping aren’t viewed as an acceptable substitute for purpose, structure and community.

Why the Finns don’t want to be happy

They are often pessimistic by nature and reserved about their emotions. They drink too much, it’s dark, the winters are cold and hard psychologically. This Finnish happiness we hear about is not about dancing or smiling or being outwardly happy. If that’s your idea of happy, then no, they are not the happiest. These studies are about the quality of life, that’s why.

World Cup Fans in Mexico Triggered an Artificial Earthquake Just by Jumping

And they say it’s just a game….

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