The Curiosity Index (16.04.2018)

14 things you probably didn’t know about Christianity, but really should

My guess is, you, probably do know all these things but this is a good example of trying to clear away misconceptions that many people do have.

Stephen Lawrence’s father says he forgives his son’s killers

A man embraces his faith, realises forgiveness is fundamental and does an incredibly hard thing. Powerful, powerful, powerful.

The Myth of ‘Learning Styles’

Myth might be a bit strong but I’ve certainly been taught this in regard both to teaching in schools and preaching in churches. I’ve probably advanced the ‘myth’ myself.

World’s first electric road that charges moving vehicles debuts in Sweden

It’s not very long (2km) so not a game changer yet but it will be interesting to see if they roll it out more.

Photographer Immortalizes Vibrant Neon Streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo

Neon brilliance.


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