The Curiosity Index (16.03.2017)

I’m really enjoying reading John Ortberg’s Who is this Man? I can really recommend it as a go to book for seekers on the person of Jesus.

The Benedict Option in Percentages

Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option is gaining considerable attention in the States and I guess Europe would pose an interesting case study because we missed that opportunity or at least didn’t take it. Anyway, I like how Andy Crouch assesses the key points of the book.

Secularism as heresy

Sort of sticking with the theme, Jake Belder has a good post on  Alexander Schmemann (who I’d never heard of before) on secularism. “If we are to minister effectively in a secular context, we must first understand secularism.” Which seems reasonable enough.

Alive today

Sometimes it’s just good to be encouraged by hearing the simple truths again. Jonny Raine on the difference it makes because Jesus is alive…

Which living author has the most film adaptations?

I reckon guessing number 1 isn’t too hard but such a big drop-off to second place.

Rio’s Deteriorating Olympic Games Venues

This isn’t really new but even so it is sad to see.

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