The Curiosity Index (10.08.2018)

Norways hidden scandal

This one I think has been brewing for a while:

The UN rates Norway one of the best countries for a child to grow up in. And yet too many children, according to a large number of Norwegian experts, are taken into care without good reason. The conviction of a top psychiatrist in the child protection system for downloading child abuse images is now raising further serious questions.

I Can Only Imagine review

For The Guardian to give an overtly Christian film a positive review means it must be pretty good. The last paragraph shows the gulf that is wider than the Atlantic between Christians in America and the general public in Europe.

Here’s the trailer

Should You Live Together Before Marriage?

Here’s the Art of Manliness take on the question:

Answers to this question are often given in unsatisfactory ways. Those with a religious agenda frequently cherry-pick older studies that cast cohabitation in a negative light, while ignoring recent research that offers a more positive take. Yet the proponents of living together can be too dismissive of the significant data which casts doubt on the benefits of cohabitation, instead relying on anecdotal evidence of its positive and protective effect.

The reality, as usual, is a bit more nuanced than most people recognize. The available evidence, in fact, challenges the views of both the pro and con camps.

Television and the frequency of sex

And here’s a compelling reason to watch less TV if you’re married.

Skywalk of Gibraltar

I’m just adding Gibraltar to my travel wish list.

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