The Curiosity Index (05.01.2018)

Christmas violence and arrests shake Indian Christians

I don’t know how your Christmas was but it probably wasn’t like this. While lots of us in safe countries are focused on productivity, life goals and so on that for many Christians life is lived under constant pressure.

Contextualised Christmas Dinner

This gives you a little insight into how you figure out Christmas traditions in a different culture.

A New Year’s Wish: Better Social Media

This asks a brilliant question: “Why is everyone hooked on a product that makes them miserable?”

10 Rules to Read More Books This Year

There’s some good advice here.

Niagara Falls Is Currently Coated in Ice

It’s very mild in Stockholm but in other places not so much.

What to do if charged by an elephant

Oh my goodness this guy has got some guts (HT: Mark Meynell)

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