I recently returned from a nearly 3 week road-trip with the family through some of Europe. I predictably returned to an over-full email inbox. One of the downsides of a digital inbox of course is that it’s never actually full but it can become overwhelming. By some standards mine was relatively light but wading through 250+ emails was still a significant effort.

As I ploughed through I noticed that most of them were not from actual people but were mostly newsletter lists, subscription lists, companies, membership rewards and so on. Over the year I’d apparently accumulated and clicked on more offers and links than I was now happy with.

If it was related to a blog I converted it from email to RSS and followed there. Then I made a quick decision on the value of the connection and then mostly searched for the unsubscribe link hidden at the bottom of the newsletter email. I unsubscribed from nearly all of them.

Although seeing the number of unread email was initially disheartening as I considered the size of the task it also provided a perfect opportunity to lighten the load on my inbox for the next year at least. I’d encourage you to do the same this summer. Take a break and when you return take a look at and see what the value of what you have in your email inbox.


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