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The Curiosity Index (27.08.2018)

The Water Crises Aren’t Coming—They’re Here This is something I expect to hear a lot more of over the next few decades – our use, misuse and lack of our most precious resource – water. What makes the situation weirder is that floods such as

The Curiosity Index (11.06.2018)

Ok, back in the saddle. Secularizing Kingdom I want to get to the discussion I had afterwards with one of our students. She told me she admired her sister who was now at work in a major social service organization because she was doing “kingdom”

The Curiosity Index (12.02.2018)

The 11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water – like Cape Town The growth of cities is causing water engineers a lot of stress. Proximate vs Root Causes: Why You Should Keep Digging to Find the Answer This is a good article

The Curiosity Index (19.01.2018)

The heart of a heartless world In an interesting editorial, The Guardian talks about prayer. The bleak universe that science appears to reveal, initially random and ultimately purposeless, is not one that anyone can feel at home in. Most people do want to feel at home.

Drink this!

Last summer, on a warm and sunny evening (even at 9pm), I ran a 10k race around one of Stockholm’s 14 islands. On crossing the finish line I was given a medal, energy bar and bottle of water. It was only after drinking the water that I

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The water of life is not for sale

If you can buy or sell it, it’s not the water of life. “To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.” — Miroslav Volf (@MiroslavVolf) April 28, 2013

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Last Friday was Blog Action Day and thousands of bloggers all shared one theme to raise it’s profile. Water. To my shame I was too busy and hadn’t pre-written anything. So here are some water related facts they sent me: The problem of scarce clean

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Blog Action Day: Water

Once a year there is a concerted effort by bloggers on one day to raise an issue above the line on the blogosphere. The theme is voted for and you get to write what you like on that theme. This year the theme is: water.