The Curiosity Index (25.05.2018)

The Irish Exception As Ireland votes on changing its laws on abortion, the achievements of Ireland is perhaps more remarkable than you might think as Ross Douthat explains. The Lava Meets the Sea It’s quite the contest. I’ve been posting pictures of this volcanic eruption because they are all spectacular. See some more here from The Boston Globe. A famine of prayer Jeremy Bailey, rightly, thinks many western churches are experiencing a famine of prayer. And here are Seven Reasons Prayer Meetings Fail. Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? Buddhism…

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The Curiosity Index (26.01.2018)

12 Rules for Life – A Christian Perspective The Jordan Peterson bandwagon rumbles on. David Robertson reviews the book and David Brooks at the New York Times opines on why this is the Jordan Peterson moment. Does coffee actually dehydrate you? Here’s the science. How a Library Handles a Rare and Deadly Book of Wallpaper Samples Reading this book could actually kill you The Ominous Rumblings of Mount Mayon Gearing up for a big one? The gender conversation 2: Lad culture, porn & modest women This one’s from the archives here…

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