The Curiosity Index (06.11.2018)

Hmmm, another gap in posting but hoping to pick things up again. We’ll see. Is a religious upbringing child abuse? I became a Christian when I was eight years old.  To many, this sounds like I was subject to brainwashing or even child abuse. How could responsible parents coerce their child into accepting their understanding of the world and force her to live by some standard of behaviour dictated by an invisible force? How can an eight-year-old make an informed choice about something as controversial as religion? If you’re not…

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Should a church be excellent?

Yesterday I reviewed What they didn’t teach you in seminary by James Emery White and there was one topic that really got under the skin. Should a church go for excellence as a value? Here’s what White had to say in a chapter on values called ‘hills to die on’: “Our eighth value is that excellence honours God and inspires people. That’s a value for us for two reasons. The first and foremost is because it’s the only way to live a life that honours God. God deserves our best. Mediocrity…

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