The Curiosity Index (10.04.2015)

There’s definitely a building theme to today’s links…so there’s that. First Jeremy Williams identifies three different shades to being green An argument against bigger cities: Why increasing urbanization is neither natural nor inevitable nor good for us Dubai is in another construction boom, the BBC asks can it last? While Africa has it’s own construction boom The Economist wonders if the skyscraper curse is real And here are 7 futuristic cities to save mankind that all float but will never happen, sadly. Lastly on a different note: how to cure hiccups – what works for…

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Thinking about your city

I’m not a fan of theologising about cities (I’m not sure it’s necessary) but I do think churches need to understand cities and be responsive to what life and church life in a city should look like. One of the first problems we have is defining a city in the first place. So for example does London have a population of 8.3 million, 10.1 million or 13.6 million? Or Stockholm is it 800,000, 1.2 million or 2 million. Your answer depends on what you call a city. This matters to a…

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