The Curiosity Index (22.03.2018)

Are religious people really less smart, on average, than atheists? Apparently so. But what the research actually says is that religious people are more intuitive. “This work suggests, religious belief predisposes people to rely more heavily on intuition in decision-making – and the stronger their belief, the more pronounced the impact.” It also seems to suggest that religion causes intuition but could it not be the case that intuitive people discern that there must be more to life than this? Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer: The New Trinity? And why it won’t…

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Book Review: The Good God

I read this book over Christmas and I’m not entirely sure why it’s taken me so long to review it but it has, hopefully it’s worth the wait. The Good God has garnered rich reviews from all over the place and so in coming late to the party I wonder what I can add. So let’s start with some basic positives. It’s short. It’s easy to read. It’s about God. Three excellent plus points right there. The whole thrust of the book is why our view of the Trinity matters,…

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