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The Curiosity Index (16.06.2017)

Six attitudes that kill evangelism in the church 1,2 & 5 are the ones I’ve heard the most Three lessons I’ve learned about not being a natural evangelist. So here’s a good counter from Chris Green The decline of Christendom Nothing speaks more powerfully of the

The Curiosity Index (14.06.2017)

So it’s been really busy, what can I say? But back by popular demand (well, I still want to do it)… Nephilim, Anakim, and Why We Care Andrew Wilson on top form showing that a) Bible-believing Christians can believe some pretty weird stuff b) it

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Is where me and the family are flying to today. We’ll be there or thereabouts for a week on holiday. No laptop, no blogging or time wasting computer games. Mobile switched off except for emergencies when we can’t find our friends and then I’ll switch

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Book Review: A Piano in the Pyrenees

I’ve been meaning to review this one for a couple of weeks now. Tony Hawks has made the most of his varied career as an entertainer it seems from writing about it. I’ve certainly laughed now through three of them. Hawks specialises in weird travel,

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Building a memorial

I’ve never thought f building a memorial, not sure who or what I’d build one to but in the centre of Karachi is the Mazar-e-Quaid, the tomb of Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of the nation of Pakistan. It’s a national monument and a symbol

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Learning the value of schools

I wish I went to a school with a name like Holy Shepherd Grammar School or for that matter with one with its values and attitudes only I didn’t. I’m now very grateful for the education I’ve received and the more I visit schools in

Building something significant

On the way to Hawkes Bay beach (it’s about 45 minute drive outside Karachi) we stopped at a boat yard and it was really impressive. To be honest I’d be surprised if this could be done in the UK on the same scale because we’ve