Made in the image of google

The world is moving fast and technology has its foot on the accelerator. A machine can beat the best human at chess or go. Artificial Intelligence isn’t the future it’s the present. So people are beginning to grapple with the question of What to Think About Machines That Think because although a computer does not think in the way a human thinks, robots can and are solving problems that we once thought only humans were capable of doing. Although of course it’s highly likely that Everything You Know About Artificial Intelligence is Wrong. And if…

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The time to think about transhumanism is now

Recently Max Anderson listened to a conversation between legendary tech investor Peter Thiel and legendary New Testament scholar NT Wright about death. Or more precisely a conversation about the possibility of overcoming death. After listening to them both in public and private, Mr Anderson was convinced or should I say disturbed; I also grew more convinced that there is a dangerous lack of moral philosophy and theological reflection about the rapidly emerging technologies that are forever changing our understanding of death and of life itself. The modern church has, ironically,…

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