The Curiosity Index (Running edition)

I miss running. I haven’t been able to run for a week. I’ve barely been outside for a week. This virus (the health authorities won’t test me, so I’ll never know whether it was COVID-19 or not), has made my chest feel squeezed and hot. It’s been uncomfortable, my muscles have ached and I’ve just not wanted to run. That last one was probably my biggest indicator that something was up. But now I want to run and clear my head and lungs. I’ll run soon. So why do we…

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Relational Mission: Raising sons & daughters

The second chapter takes a look at legacy and building churches that raise up the next generation of leaders. Mike’s case is simple: in order to fulfil the commission God has given us we need to multiply everything but not as business with franchises but as a family that grows and spreads. The majority of the chapter is taken up with personal stories and examples from others of how men and women are being trained, equipped and encouraged in their calling & gifting, in the context of warm & deep relationship. I have…

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The Apostle Paul and training Christian leaders

Do you know how your church leader was trained? Maybe you know what college or seminary they went to? Perhaps you know what courses they’ve attended or even what books they’re reading to keep up with their studies. Christians have a long record of taking education seriously and for training their leaders to understand the Scriptures and with good Biblical precedent. Just consider these verses from second Timothy: 2 Tim 1:13, 2 Tim 2:2, 2 Tim 3:16-17. In the context of false teaching, Paul stresses the importance to Timothy of…

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Book review: Multiplying missional leaders

Over the past few years I’ve read an increasing number of books from the ‘missional’ tribe of the church. The latest is Multiplying Missional Leaders by Mike Breen. The raising up of leaders is a constant issue for most church leaders that I’ve ever met (myself included) and so most are always willing to read and engage with new ideas on how to do that. There’s the usual dissatisfaction with the rate of progress and development of the current crop. But no need to fear, Mike Breen to the rescue. All you…

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