How Christianity thrived

Sometime ago I read a post by Scott Alexander on The Invention of Moral Narrative in which he tries to understand where our good v evil theme comes from. He’s trying to figure this out because, I’m basing this off of my continuing confusion over the rise of Christianity. Christianity came out of nowhere and had spread to 10% – 20% of the Roman population by the time Constantine made it official. And then it spread to Germany, England, Ireland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Armenia, and Russia, mostly peacefully. Missionaries would…

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The Curiosity Index (22.04.2015)

Who can be against us? “You can’t threaten to kick a man out of his family whose Father is God and whose brothers and sisters number in the millions.” Tim Keller on the book of Judges and violence in the Old Testament “In short, if you believe the rest of the things the Bible teaches, the period of holy war makes sense. Holy war is not, therefore, a reason to reject what the rest of the Bible says about God.” Peter Leithart has some interesting things to say on The Failure of…

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Book Review: Generous Justice

I’m rapidly becoming a big fan of everything Tim Keller writes (I previously reviewed Counterfeit Gods) because, well, he just seems to make so much sense. In Generous Justice: How God’s grace makes us just Keller explores how the motivation for acts of compassion and justice are rooted in the grace of God to us in Christ. It’s this connection that makes this book stand out from many of the other books on social justice. Keller has four main groups in his sights as he writes; those keen on social justice…

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Church Featured Posts 

Do Rob Bell, Tim Keller and CS Lewis agree on hell?

In 2011 the debate of the year amongst Christian bloggers was over hell and the views put forward by Rob Bell in his book ‘Love Wins’. But do other, less controversial, leaders also share Bell’s view on hell? Quite possibly. That would change the controversy I suspect if it was widened to include those two luminaries. Let me make my case. In reading some of the multitude of posts about Rob Bell in recent days, I discovered the following. I came across Tom Batterson who as a bookseller has read…

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