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Overcoming hindrances in your prayer life

In the middle of Greg Haslam’s big book on preaching is a section by Terry Virgo on the preacher giving themselves to the word and to prayer. Terry writes, Since prayer surrounding our ministry in the Word is so vital, we need regularly to examine whether

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Book Review: The Spirit Filled Church

What should church life be like? What values and principles should be evident to any observer? How should a church be led and who by and what gifts should we be looking for? These are the questions that Terry Virgo addresses in The Spirit-Filled Church: Finding

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Do you like God?

I think that’s a great question that Mark Driscoll asks Terry Virgo and there’s a great answer. Before you go to church tomorrow spend 10 minutes watching this and then ask God to help you enjoy Him.

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Book Review: God’s Lavish Grace

According to CS Lewis the one unique thing about Christianity is ‘grace’, so perhaps there is nothing more important in living a Christ-like life than getting a really good firm grip on grace. And Terry Virgo’s God’s Lavish Grace is one of the best books

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Gathering to the presence of Jesus

In this short video Terry Virgo is interviewed about what it means to be a reformed charismatic. A few minutes in he talks about church and uses this phrase that just thrills me that church is a spirit-filled community ‘gathering to the presence of Jesus’.

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I link therefore I am (22/02/10)

Having just attended my first gay civil ceremony this caught my attention which Peter Ould gives the treatment it deserves Terry Virgo, went to Bible College with my dad, but other than that I have had little to no connection or contact with the man

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Virgo on giving (2)

Terry Virgo continues his excellent series of posts on giving and generosity. He writes, “Paul’s ‘sowing and reaping’ theme is unexpected. What does giving have to do with sowing? Surely they’re two very different activities. When you give something it’s no longer yours and you