The Curiosity Index (28.11.2018)

Russia-Ukraine dispute raises new tensions This is a good explainer for the latest flashpoint in the conflict. It’s worth being very clear about the basic fact that Russia invaded another country, seized part of it’s territory, claimed it as it’s own, fostered a civil war all the while denying all knowledge of it. There were sanctions but nothing more.  Not only has it caused immense problems for Ukraine as a nation but also caused a schism in the Orthodox church. 22 months of Syria’s civil war condensed into a 1-minute…

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‘The spirit of killing is in my country’

At a recent evening gathering of our missional community in Stockholm, we were joined by two young Muslims from Syria. We spent some time getting their views on what was happening in their country – it was quite informative. The young man with us had lived in Damascus and worked fixing computers. Life was manageable but life was getting harder. The prices of everything was rising all the time. It was dangerous to leave Damascus, there were curfews and the suburbs were very dangerous at night. So why did he leave Syria?

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The Curiosity Index (08.04.2015)

Syria has been at war with itself for four years now. These pictures are from the last six weeks. Take a moment to pray for peace in that broken land. On a more hopeful note, Jeremy Williams writes about the mega-rich giving away their vast fortunes Generosity though doesn’t have to involve big sums. I love this little story of paying it forwards in a rural town in England. And if you want to make being a generous a habit. Here’s how to make that new habit stick. If you’ve…

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