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Living with startling abundance

This blog started with a fairly simple premise and topic that I’ve long since wandered from. I saw (and still see) consumerism as a massive problem in our societies and churches because of the way it forms and shapes people. I was going to write,

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The Curiosity Index (10.04.2015)

There’s definitely a building theme to today’s links…so there’s that. First Jeremy Williams identifies three different shades to being green An argument against bigger cities: Why increasing urbanization is neither natural nor inevitable nor good for us Dubai is in another construction boom, the BBC asks can it

10 myths about simple living

Jeremy at Make Wealth History has a great post about ten myths about simple living which you should read. His ten myths are: Simple living is about retreat, and withdrawing from the world Simple living is about self denial Simple living is about rural pastoralism Simple

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Living with a mustard seed faith

So Monday night found me at LICC for an evening with Tom & Christine Sine. It was a great evening hosted by Community Mission with around 100 or so people in attendance. Worship was led by the inimitable Andy Flannagan and I highly recommend downloading