Living with startling abundance

This blog started with a fairly simple premise and topic that I’ve long since wandered from. I saw (and still see) consumerism as a massive problem in our societies and churches because of the way it forms and shapes people. I was going to write, think about the problem and the rich resources that the Bible offers us in learning to live differently: against the tide. Lives marked by simplicity, generosity, hospitality. I still believe that. But because I find staying focused an incredibly hard thing to do I started writing…

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The Curiosity Index (10.04.2015)

There’s definitely a building theme to today’s links…so there’s that. First Jeremy Williams identifies three different shades to being green An argument against bigger cities: Why increasing urbanization is neither natural nor inevitable nor good for us Dubai is in another construction boom, the BBC asks can it last? While Africa has it’s own construction boom The Economist wonders if the skyscraper curse is real And here are 7 futuristic cities to save mankind that all float but will never happen, sadly. Lastly on a different note: how to cure hiccups – what works for…

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Six reasons why we don't own a car

For the first time in more than a decade we do not own a car. During the autumn last year, the car we shared with some friends went to meet its breaker – the cost of repair too high for a car worth so little. At that point we decided to experiment, how about we not replace the car and live without one? Sure, let’s give it a month and see how we go. Four months later, we’re still experimenting but no one is talking about buying a new car.…

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Christian Living 

10 myths about simple living

Jeremy at Make Wealth History has a great post about ten myths about simple living which you should read. His ten myths are: Simple living is about retreat, and withdrawing from the world Simple living is about self denial Simple living is about rural pastoralism Simple living sentimentalises poverty Simple living is opposed to progress and technology Simple living is hypocritical Simple living is anti-capitalist and anti-wealth Simple living is only for westerners Simple living is a passing fad Simple living is environmentally futile Stand out line: “I want to live…

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Living with a mustard seed faith

So Monday night found me at LICC for an evening with Tom & Christine Sine. It was a great evening hosted by Community Mission with around 100 or so people in attendance. Worship was led by the inimitable Andy Flannagan and I highly recommend downloading his ‘we are blessed’, which makes it onto my social justice album. Andy is director of CSM and he’s making politics fun. I was representing Breathe and just really enjoyed the evening. I was inspired by the youthfulness of 75 year old Tom Sine and…

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Christian Living Featured Posts 

Consumerism: It's not about the environment

*This is the second (the first is more of an intro here) post into ‘why I think consumerism should be a big deal for Christians* It’s quite a headline really, when you stop to think about it. Pretty much everything these days seems to be about the environment. Climate change was one of the themes of the last decade and will be one for the next ten years too. If you’re sick of hearing about it, talking about it, thinking about it then I have some bad news for you,…

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Book Review: The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness

I’m rapidly becoming a fan of Tim Chester’s books (I think I own 4 at last count) and I think you should be too. I’m convinced that most of us western Christians have a very poor handle on our time, we’re pushed around by the culture and our busyness makes our relationship with God thin and weak. Which isn’t surprising because Jesus’ warned us that this would be this case if we were preoccupied with the cares of this world. The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness tackles our priorities and…

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