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The Curiosity Index (11.12.2017)

Where Evangelism Fails When sharing your faith, what do you end up offering people? Jesus or something else? How to be Coached There’s a lot to be said for learning the skills of a coach but it’s also important that you know how to  be coached.

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The Curiosity Index (11.02.2015)

Ian Paul has a moving article about the faith of Kenji Goto who was recently murdered by ISIS The BBC carried an interesting article about the growing number of people who realise that they have too much stuff. Here are some tweetable comments from the article:

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Let the Music Play

I’ve slowing been adding my CD collection to iTunes on my laptop and the project is now complete. Somehow over the past say 15 years I’ve amassed 218 albums that would take me a total of 7.9 days to listen to and takes up 10.58GB

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What about the desire for ownership?

The desire to call something ‘mine’ is strong indeed, in fact it seems it’s born within us. You only have to look at very young children playing with toys to see how strong a desire is linked to the word ‘mine’. That desire never really

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What about consumption?

At some point in the years after WWII our economies changed. The western world evolved into consumer economies. You are a consumer. I am a consumer. We have even designed our systems to measure your level of consumption. In fact from the point of view

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What is it about money?

The last few weeks have been crazy busy and busyness tends to lead to a blogging drought but as the level of activity resumes more normal (and sustainable) levels, space for reflection opens up again. So today I was recapping on the discussion I led