Social media hasn't got any better for 2020

Social media is now ever-present or omnipresent feature of modern life. Not all that long ago it was touted as a means to bring the world closer together and now it’s seen as a tool that is used to drive us ever further apart. In this short article, I’ll share some links to good articles that highlight the danger, present the options and give some wisdom as to how to handle the two-headed beast that is social media. These were the 5 key trends from social media going into 2019…

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3 tips for short-term students on how to get involved in a church

We recently had a Dutch student who came to Stockholm for a four month exchange program. She quickly became a part of the church and when she was leaving I asked her to share her thoughts on how to become a part of the church when you only have a few months. This is what she said: Your mindset is the most important. Don’t think that it is not worth it to invest in relationships with people from church, just because you’re only staying for a short time. Instead, do…

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