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The Curiosity Index (18.02.2019)

The Most Attractive Quality in a Leader As I know most of the guys Andrew Wilson is talking about here, I can confirm it’s a pretty good description and a very helpful description. Something I aspire to. What is the most attractive quality in a

The Curiosity Index (18.12.2017)

Killing Gävle: The Swedish city where a 40ft goat battles for the spirit of Christmas This (20 minute) little film about a Swedish town (about two hours north of Stockholm) is very interesting. Weird traditions, pagan roots, secular values and Christianity all merge and blend into

We are alone in the universe

It seems the question, is there other intelligent life (or any kind of life for that matter) in the universe continues to be a bothersome one for some of Earth’s brightest minds. Let me make this easy. We are alone. Completely and utterly alone. Even

Six lessons from Interstellar

Insterstellar was one of the big blockbuster films of 2014 and with good reason. It’s epic, telling a big bold story with big themes about the future survival of humanity. If you’ve not seen it already, it really needs to be seen on as a big

The Curiosity Index (16.04.2015)

Andrew Haslam on being an inceberg pastor nails it – I have often wrestled with exactly these issues and feelings. Especially in a church plant where ‘making stuff happen’ is your job. A structural analysis of the Book of Revelation Matthew Schmitz has made a library of