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The Curiosity Index (14.08.2018)

How Antebellum Christians Justified Slavery I always wondered and now I know. Another instance of the church abusing amongst other things power.  How Christianity created rock-n-roll On a more positive note Christianity this to add to its legacy: The bulk of mainstream music writers and

The Curiosity Index (12.04.2018)

What does Luke reveal about himself in Luke-Acts? Quite a lot in fact as Colin green explains. Tradition, Scripture and Slavery This is worth remembering from Andrew LePeau: “The 1800s were not the first time slavery ended. They were the second.” Which countries get the

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Stopping the Traffik

Off to bed but just time to upload some more stuff about slavery (I’ll review the film Amazing Grace soon as well). Here’s the text of Rowan Williams’ sermon and if you want to hear mine click here. Two great organisations campaigning on this are