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Very special or very, very lucky

The universe is big. Bigger than you think. Actually much bigger than you can think. Depending on who you talk to, there are somewhere in the region of 200 to 500 sextillion (that’s an extra 21 zeroes right there) planets in the universe’s estimated 500

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The Curiosity Index (10.02.2015)

I’m going to be regularly mentioning Ukraine. If you get tired of that, think how it must feel if you live there.¬†Here are some images that remind us: this is war. Oscar season is coming up and Nathanael Smith at Think Theology offers¬†his take on

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How scientists view creationism

I’ve just reviewed The Genesis Enigma: Why the Bible is scientifically accurate by Dr Andrew Parker who attempted to reconcile Genesis 1 with the chronology of evolution. As a non-Christian scientist but one open and not hostile to religion he was scathing of what is

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Book Review: The Genesis Enigma

The Genesis Enigma: Why the Bible is scientifically accurate from 2009 is an intriguing book and is a bold endeavour but unlikely to find many advocates. If you’re a six-day young earth creationist then ‘there’s nothing to see here’. Dr Parker is a staunch advocate

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Where Genesis and Science agree

I almost always find myself reading Genesis in January and it strikes me that we very often focus on the areas of conflict between contemporary scientific theories and the Book of Genesis and miss out on the very many areas where the two agree. Here