7 dimensions to salvation

William Barclay in his commentary on Romans notes seven aspects to Christian salvation. It was salvation from physical illness (Mt 9:21; Lk 8:36) It was salvation from danger (Mt 8:25; Mt 14:30) It was salvation from life’s infection (Acts 2:40) It was salvation from lostness (Mt 18:11; Lk 19:10) It was salvation from sin (Mt 1:21) It was salvation from the wrath of God (Rom 5:9) It was salvation which is eschatological (Rom 13:11; 1 Cor 5:5; 2 Tim 4:18; 1 Pet 1:5) – it will be complete beyond time…

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Book Review: Love Wins

So finally I’ve got here with a review of the most controversial Christian book in ages, Rob Bell’s Love Wins: At the heart of Life’s Big Questions. Be warned this is quite a long post. I’ve been wondering how to begin, how to both sum up and introduce a book that has been reviewed thousands of times already. So I’ll say this: It’s not all bad. Is he a universalist? I’ll save that answer for a bit later on. It raises questions and gives answers. Bell looks at heaven, hell…

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The most repugnant idea ever

Christmas has been tamed but at its heart it is scandalous, shocking and offensive. I’ll let Richard Dawkins explain why. Dawkins was (over) reacting to the Pope’s Thought for the Day on the BBC yesterday. “(this is)…the centrepiece of what Ratzinger actually did say in his Thought for the Day. ‘Christ destroyed death forever and restored life by means of his shameful death on the Cross.’ More shameful than the death itself is the Christian theory that it was necessary. It was necessary because all humans are born in sin.”…

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Christian Living 

Jesus will help me

I am a convert. I was a very reluctant father but I just love it. A week ago my two-year old son gave me a sentence of great theology that I hope and pray he never ever forgets or stops believing. We were reading a Bible story and came to David and Goliath (we’re using this book) and we read this line from David. “‘I shall fight Goliath’ declared David boldly. ‘I dare because God will help me.’” Noah just started repeating ‘I dare, I dare, I dare’. All very…

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Bonhoeffer on: The Big Question

This might get a little technical but it’s worth thinking about: “Hasn’t the individualistic question about personal salvation almost completely left us all? Aren’t we really under the impression that there are more important things than that question (perhaps not more important than the matter itself, but more important than the question!)? I know it sounds pretty monstrous to say that. But fundamentally, isn’t this biblical? Does the question about saving one’s soul appear in the Old Testament at all? Aren’t righteousness and the kingdom of God on earth the…

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Front Edge

Sunday gone, was an interesting day. The West Midlands region of Newfrontiers took part in an initiative called Front Edge. The ‘front edge’ being where the church connects with those who don’t yet follow Christ. The format is simple and straightforward. A guest speaker comes, prays for the sick and trusts God for healing. The reason for that is again simple. It’s evidence that demands a verdict. If the unbeliever sees a demonstration of God’s power, it’s hard to then convince yourself He doesn’t exist. A simple presentation of the…

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There's nothing like the church

Today was another good day in the life of North Shrewsbury Community Church with a talk by Terry Hotchkiss (from Barnabas Community Church) on healing. We saw people recommit themselves to following Christ and some take that step for the first time, we saw people seek God for healing in their own lives and that of others. We also experienced God’s presence as we worshipped Him, we were built up as people encouraged one another and worked out what it means to follow Christ in a difficult world. It was…

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Embracing Jesus

Today has been a great day in the life of North Shrewsbury Community Church. Most importantly because we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not only that but one of our members (Amy A) was baptised into Christ. What a great day for that to take place. And to top it all off, a man who has been coming to church since January gave his life to Christ, in his own words ‘I want to embrace all that Jesus is!’ So I make that a celebration of 3 resurrections from…

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