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The Curiosity Index (11.04.2018)

What does Jesus mean by ‘new wineskins’? As with most of Jesus’ parables, the information that it drew on was relatively mundane. But what is its significance? What is Jesus referring to? Ian Paul takes you through all the possibilities The Record of a Revival

How the Welsh revival came to Scandinavia

I recently came across this fascinating post that shows how, in the age of decent travel options, people have always travelled to see what God has been doing and in some ways import/export it. In 1904-5 Wales experienced its famous revival and it wasn’t long before

The Curiosity Index (15.12.2017)

Did the Canaanites survive? One from the summer but it’s a 4000 year old question so I reckon a few more months won’t make much more difference. Scientists have applied DNA analysis to see if the Canaanites had any descendants. Whatever happened to the promised

The Curiosity Index (09.05.2017)

OK, let’s get this thing rolling again. I never knew that there was a revival in North Korea in 1907. I’m fairly sure God’s kingdom has great staying power than the Hermit Kingdom. A revival of a different sort would be need in this Iraqi Christian

Spurgeon on revivals and charismata

When revival happens there are usually strange occurences which unsettle believers and cast doubt in their mind. People falling over, shrieking, amongst stories of wonderful conversions. It’s not a new problem. Here is Spurgeon reflecting on the revival that was happening in Belfast at that

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The Curiosity Index (12.03.2015)

I’m still not convinced by the name of these posts…maybe something like The Simple Links (previous names including the pedestrian Miscellaneous and I link therefore I am). I’m open to suggestions My wife Emma has been a silent partner on this blog but she has broken

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Todd Bentley, revival, and discernment

Well, Todd Bentley is headlining the blogs again and not for good reasons. A month or so ago I was having a conversation with my friend Ian about Lakeland and Dudley and I said, ‘I don’t think we’ll be talking about Lakeland and Todd Bentley

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Revival, Dudley, Lakeland and Todd Bentley

This is a summary page for some of my most visited posts on the above topics. Revival Fires on the BBC Visit to Dudley (part 5) Video of an Interview with Mark Stibbe Todd Bentley, revival and discernment Visit to Dudley (part 1) Visit to