Book Review: Foundation and Earth

Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov My rating: 2 of 5 stars The final book in the Foundation series isn’t really about the Foundation at all. As I’ve re-read this series the more I’ve become convinced that Asimov really ran out of ideas with the series. It started on the idea of a Foundation designed in the final days of a Galactic Empire to overcome 30,000 years of ruin in just 1000 years. The Foundation overcomes a series of crises as it progresses – that’s the first book. Then Asimov…

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Mary Magdalene: The reviewers reviewed

I haven’t seen the film in question but I’ve read a lot of reviews now and it’s not clear whether this film is really terrible or really powerful. It’s also not clear what people think about the main character Mary Magdalene. History hasn’t treated Mary very fairly. The Economist explains it like this The film’s declared aim is to exonerate Mary Magdalene from a centuries-old charge, and a common misconception. In the sixth century, the Roman church opined that she was the same person as the unnamed sinful woman who,…

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The books of 2013

2013 has been a mixed year for reading. I’ve read hundreds of blogs, websites, magazines and journals. I read everyday and throughout the day. I’ve just not finished many books and reviewed even less. I’m working on the blog and am not prepared to let it go, plus I find book reviewing so helpful in determining what I think about a book. I’ve also started and not finished more books this year than probably in the past 6 years combined. When I finish the half a dozen books I’ve currently…

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