The Curiosity Index: Swedish Edition

There are a few pieces here that should reveal a lot about some of the best and less than best features of Swedish culture. I’ll let you decide which is which. Swedish priest defrocked A priest in the Svenska Kyrkan (Church of Sweden) had their orders revoked just before Christmas for, earlier in the year, telling a confirmation group that homosexual relationships go against the Bible. As Daniel Ringdahl (in Swedish) points out in the Church of Sweden you can be an archbishop even if you question the Virgin Birth…

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Nine signals of progressive Christianity

Scot McKnight interacts a little with Roger Olson’s attempt to identify markers of progressive Christianity. You should read the whole thing but here they are in condensed form: Doctrines are talked about only as historical relics, not as living realities to be protected and defended An abandonment of church discipline especially as that relates to doctrinal accountability and sexual behaviour A determination, however, slow and subtle, to accommodate to trends within academic culture An elevation of inclusiveness to a virtue bar none The abandonment of concepts such as “sin,” “repentance,” “salvation,” “return of Christ,” and, yes, “judgement of God.” Implicit universalism—…

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