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A Conversation with Ronald J. Sider

Ronald Sider through his writings and particularly Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger has been one of the most formative authors for me. I think, that after the Bible, that’s the one book I’ve given away almost more than any other. Reading Sider and Jim Wallis (although Wallis has moved further on some scriptural issues since then) convinced me that caring for the poor was an integral part of what it meant to be an evangelical Christian. It was integral because of the high commitment to follow Jesus and…

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Going cashless

I rarely carry around cash with me these days. Coins are stuck in a pot somewhere and I can’t remember the last time I went to an ATM. Everything I pay for I pay either by card or on the net. Simple. If I want to give some money to a friend, we have a money-transferring system in Sweden, called Swish and that’s all done on you phone. In fact according to this article, Sweden is closer than any other country on Earth towards the goal of cashlessness But that may…

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Chrysostom: On giving to the poor

Sometimes when I read the early church fathers I find their writings impenetrable. This might be because the translation is hard work or because the debates and concerns just don’t connect. Other times I am stunned by the power of prose and the immediacy with which it speaks to us today in different cultures, 1800+  years later. This quote is in the second category. Watch how Chrysostom demolishes our arguments for not giving to the poor. “Immediately accusations are brought against the applicant. For why does he not work, you…

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I link therefore I am (24.09.10)

So after wading through 500+ blog posts (I really wish Google reader had a pause button) I found a few good posts with a general simplicity, money, consumer feel to them. Rachel Botsman reckons we are now shifting to an era of collaborative consumption. My favourite example of this is The above is timely as Britain’s high streets are increasingly clone towns Will Willimon shares a hymn from Charles Wesley called Pastors and the Poor Randy Alcorn addresses the issue of caring for the poor: what God says Q…

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The poor and social justice

Kevin DeYoung has been writing an interesting series on seven key passages about the poor and social justice. Here he gives some concluding remarks and gives two warnings. Don’t undersell or oversell what the Bible says about this. “The apostles, for their part, spoke against greed and the love of money and encouraged God’s people in sacrificial generosity. And then there’s Genesis 1 and Psalm 8 where we see that every human being is made in God’s image, possessing inherent worth and dignity. This alone is reason enough to care…

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Will you sponsor me?

On Sunday 25th April I’m running in the London Marathon for the second time. Last year I ran it in 4hrs 47 minutes and I’m hoping to beat that time by some distance. We shall see. (if you’re interested I use another blog as a way of keeping track of my training) Anyway 26.2 miles is a long way to run just for the fun of it, when I can do that and raise money for an excellent cause at the same time. I’ve left it late deliberately because I…

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Consumerism: It’s not about the poor

*This is the third in my series looking at why consumerism is an issue for Christians – intro, part 1* The words ‘remember the poor’ ring loud in the Bible (Gal 2:10) and in recent years have had plenty of resonance in the movement of churches I belong to. The Lausanne Paper: An Evangelical Commitment to Simple Life-style which is stirring me greatly at the moment says, “We are shocked by the poverty of millions, and disturbed by the injustices which cause it.” One quarter of the world’s population enjoys…

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