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The Fellowship of the Ashamed

Longer ago than I care to think, while at university, I (and several others) were stirred by a piece called The Fellowship of the Unashamed. It’s of somewhat uncertain provenance with several varying origin stories floating around on the internet. But it was the sort of stuff that got the blood pumping amongst young people who were tired and fed up with middling mediocrity and passion-less Christianity. It was a rallying call to be anything other than lukewarm for Christ. It was a call to embrace world-changing commitment to Christ…

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He was and is and is to come

My friend Stef Liston with his friend Dan need your help. Here’s what it’s for: Here’s a couple of commendations, although I think it speaks for itself: “This glorious poem will stir your imagination, taking you on a journey you would never have taken, filling your heart with thanksgiving and worship.” Terry Virgo, Founder of New Frontiers. “Stef Liston’s creative, dynamic and passionate retelling of the biblical story is a wonderful resource for young and old alike. Highly recommended.” Andrew Wilson – Elder at King’s Church, Eastbourne and Author at…

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