The Curiosity Index (20.12.2017)

‘Meet the Nativity’—and Laugh (Episode 4) Part 4 of 5 is here… 6 Surprising Things You Need to Know about Matthew’s Christmas Story Dig a little deeper and you’ll see there’s more going on than you thought Want A Better Answer? Ask A Better Question! This is very helpful advice for leaders and coaches. The Most 2017 Photos Ever The photos (with a particular US feel) that sum up 2017. One of my proudest moments as a Brit was to discover Lord Buckethead. It’s not all bad! 17 things that…

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The Curiosity Index (11.03.2015)

My friend Simon Guillebaud paid for two Burundian prostitutes recently. Here’s what happened. Yesterday I wrote about Europe, and this article offers another symptom of Europe’s malaise. A depressed and lethargic young generation There has been dramatic economic improvements for millions of people but development is coming with a high ecological price tag, as Jeremy Williams explains. I recently reviewed Feral by George Monbiot which argued for the reintroduction of key species. It turns out Britain may soon get the Lynx back. Images from the Sony 2015 World Photography competition This one is…

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